Sunday, December 30, 2007

I was working for a new company.
Office type job desk's far away from each other.

My dream though was pretty erratic, part of it I was trying to find a chair someone took. Apparently there was not enough chairs to go around.

But every dream of mine usually consists of good looking girls that all
might want me at some point or another.

Hey, It's a dream right?

So, a girl that showed no interest in me was showing me around.
Then there was talk of a new years party and I was in the dancing room with her suddenly. Breaking it down, dancing along with some song. I can't remember but I'm pretty sure it would make almost anyone dance.
Then she was totally was
into me, after she saw me dance and all!

Dreams are funny in my case. I don't know I've said it before but I have mostly really good dreams?

Monday, December 10, 2007

I had a dream with a girl I'd rather not mention...
Funny how dreams can be?
Anyways the dream went as far as controlling a woman's temper, just by the simply touching her skin.
In my Dream...She was not like any other woman though, this only happened to her when she got upset.!?
Her veins would turn black with rage!

Her skin, if she was not touched... it would turn quickly black as well.

But I was the only one that was able to calm her down?

After a few times, she knew what I was doing and was immune to my touch somehow?
When I couldn't calm her with my touch, someone else stood up and their touch calmed her down and I realised she wasn't the one for me at that point?

She never was...

Friday, October 26, 2007


Two things stuck out in this dream I had the other night. The first thing was my bosses boss told me he was going to promote me and that I was long overdue. I was happy to hear that. Then I found myself on a first date with the girl Elliot from the show "Scrubs"?
I can't even remember what we were doing for the first date, but she abruptly kissed me and we fell backward onto a girl behind me. I felt like I was on the show! Because we just laughed as we appollogized to the girl.
The weird thing is that Elliot (in the show) does not have the most attractive quailitys for me. She would most definitely annoy me to no end. But she made it into my dream so I guess I may be somewhat attracted to her.
Otherwise, why would I dream about going on a date with her.

I'm addicted to the show Scrubs...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A woman with prosthetic limb left leg? wrong tool surrounding her as usual?
keeps saying"need a baby" my belly!

A tiny "pterodactyl" much like a Winged looking thing gave me some problems.

I had to kill that thing?

Until later?

The woman with a prosthetic limb said "give me that tool to set me free"

"Or you will die"

Until a follower bit the upper lip of a young poor boy.
The upper lip
was gone, in the middle?
Showing just the front teeth.

Monday, May 21, 2007

My hand

I can't remember exactly how I hurt my hand but I did and there was part of it on the floor? It seemed to have just scrapped the top of my right hand, not much damage that I could see.
No pain either.
Until someone pointed out, that they could see directly through my hand.
There was a gap when I looked at my hand sideways?
The weird thing is that I could still move all of my fingers.
So I started to put the part that came out, back in.
But there was now dirt all over areas of the exposed flesh.
I tried to clean it off but it was not easy.
I had to pull back on my skin to put it back into place.
I was holding it together hoping it would just heal back to normal.
People were insisting I should go to see a doctor but I refused...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

(Not Pauly's)
First dream to be on my blog, that isn't one of my dreams?

Whenn's Dream...
I dreamt that I was coming out of church with another person, who's face I can't seem to recall.
I kept on telling this person, that we need to walk up the path to go fetch my daughter. The other person kept on telling me that I don't have a daughter. But, I kept on insisting, and we walked up a path lined by berry bushes.

In the dream, I didn't look like I look now. I seem older, late thirties?
My hair is Auburn, not Black, and all the way down to my Elbow.
So we turn a corner on the path, and there stands the most beautiful little girl I have seen in a long time.
She's got golden blond hair, very long and curly, with the deepest blue eyes.

I was just about to reach out to her and pick her up...
That's when I woke up?

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Old friends
Three friends from my childhood. Brothers within a year of each other. When I saw them in my dream it was about fifteen years later. But they were exactly the same. Height and all. I was thinking as I was shaking their hands that I felt bad for them because they never grew up? Amazing how my mind remembered them just as they were.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

This dream started where I was driving around? Then I stopped. I was at a small yellow house but I used the neighbors bathroom almost right next to the yellow house. An older gentleman let me in. When I came out of the neighbors house a girl named Sara welcomed me into her house. She led me into the Yellow house. It was a lot larger inside. I ended up going through a maze. With staircases I could see through, going up or down. And there was different passageways but I knew I wasn't supposed to be down there. By now the girl named Sara is gone and I ventured in alone. I somehow made it out. And the house was even smaller looking outside than before.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm walking down a street, but the difference is it's like an off ramp but flat above the other streets. It was one lane and there was stone walls to the left and to the right. They were higher than usual? Just over my height so I couldn't see over them except for the sky. I somehow knew it was a bad area though. By all the trash and graffiti. But it was a shortcut.
No cars used this street in years probably. Or so it appeared.
I looked behind me but I couldn't see past the curve and ahead the same way about a hundred yards there was another curve. I look behind me again to see one guy walking behind me. Instantly I was suspicious. Then there were three suspicious men walking together. They were gaining on me.
Then I noticed all three had weapons. At first I walked normal but once I thought they may have bad intent I started to run. As I looked back running they also were running after me. Suddenly they were within feet of me as I pleaded with them to stop. That it wasn't worth it while still running.
They said nothing???
One had a bat, the other two a knife and brass knuckles.
Just when I thought they would get me they stopped.
Standing, and staring at me.
I also stopped and two of them started walking back the other way. The one that was left walked up to me without a word gave me the bat he was holding and slowly started walking behind the others.

I guess I convinced them not to rob and kill me.
I woke up relieved to say the least!

Friday, March 2, 2007

The Pyramid

I had a dream years ago, where I was searching for a pyramid. When I did finally find it, I knew I had to climb my way to the top. It was taller than any other pyramid.
So about three quarters of the way up I looked down. I of course being afraid of heights got that weird feeling of dizziness and blood pumping so my insides felt almost lifted. I calmed down by looking straight at the step I was on. When I calmed down I knew there was no turning back now. I just had to make it to the top. So I continued on.
Once closer to the top, it got more difficult because I could see the horizon and could tell by that, exactly how high I was actually up.
I got to the top and it was a square flat top about the size of a small room.
Nothing was there? I was still crouched because I couldn't stand up, being so afraid of heights and besides, there was nothing to hold on to.
All I could remember thinking was "now I have to make it back down!"
As soon as I started to make my descent, I woke up.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The killer

I remember only part of this dream. The ending.
My dad and I are on a bridge somewhere and for some reason a guy is after us. He's a big guy, with a long goatee with some gray in it and long nasty hair. I see that he caught up with my dad and they were fighting so I go over to attack the guy. Right before I get to him he knocked down my dad and picked up an ax. As soon as I get there he swings at a downward motion chopping into my right shoulder. As I scream in pain my dad got back up and was fighting with the huge guy again. Somehow I pulled the ax out of my shoulder and approached the two. Just at the right moment, my dad was clear of him and I jumped in the air at the big nasty guy. With the ax in my left hand I chop him in the top of his skull. He went down to his knees as his eyes went crossed and fell over. We both sighed in relief and the dream was over.
Pretty weird and very vivid.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

War Dreams

I'm trapped in my house. Windows boarded, doors barricaded and the Nazi's are outside trying to get in. The weird thing is that I've got a BB gun, that I'm sniping guys off with. Which was working in this dream.
A lot of my family and friends are inside with me. So I'm scared for my life and theirs. Somehow I end up sniping all the enemy that are around the house and we form alliances, to defend ourselves from the enemy.
There's a tree line where we set up and it's nighttime all of the sudden, where a field stretches and somehow we know they are coming from that direction. Now instead of a BB gun, I have a hand gun at my waist, and a machine gun someone gave me.
The moon shined down to give some light.
Finally the enemy approached although they don't look German at all now? They look like everyday ordinary people, except that they want to kill us. Running at us with intent to kill, that there was no doubt.
At first we're doing well. Except now we are too scattered, people ran ahead while I held my position. I'm killing the enemy left and right as they run at me defending myself. When suddenly I shot someone I knew. They were retreating from the enemy.
My heart sank.
I had killed one of my best friends...
We ended up winning not too long after, but the loss of a friend was still traumatic even in my dreams.
Above is the most recent recollection of this dream.
This particular dream is a recurring dream.
So It sometimes varies but there are very similar circumstances every time.

Monday, January 29, 2007