Thursday, December 10, 2009

No Car So I'm Walking

I had to walk home because I had no car and missed my bus.  Even though there was other buses apparently I missed my bus because I was talking to the mail lady.  On my way home walking I ran into old friends and they wanted to invite me to go places with them, one after another.  I kept saying no because I was too embarrassed that I had no car and had to walk. They all understood and said their goodbyes.  Not long after that a car full of girls from school about 17 years old or so almost ran me off the sidewalk.  It was in slow motion and I could see the look on their faces.  The brunette driver kept looking down and not paying attention to the sidewalk and then they cruised passed me.  The car was packed full of it seemed about 7 girls all packed in tight.  The car was maybe a Festiva or Aspire if you've ever seen them type of cars?
After the car passed me I thought it was going to run into a telephone pole but instead fell into what looked like a little ditch.  But when the car fell in it slowly was sinking faster and faster.  There were a lot of other people around who had seen it as well even though they were a bit spread out.  I ran to the rescue only to find the car falling into a square mud hole that fit the car almost perfectly.  I immediately leaped in thinking I could somehow pull it out on my own or at least slow it down but that didn't work.  The car somehow slowly flipped to it's side stopping horizontally but up against one of the walls.  It had to be about 10 feet wide but it didn't seem like that.
Then I jumped lower than the car on the opposite side of the car but lower down.  The girls are screaming every time the car jerks further and further down.  When I looked down it was dark and it seemed like it would never end.  A square abyss into the unknown...  That's when I considered my own safety and was hoping to hold to my grip.  On the walls about every 6 feet a metal bar was holding the walls up along with the corners running down the four corners.
From above people were yelling that they found someone to help.  Relief from the girls was sort lived because when I thought I couldn't make it because it would take too long.

That is when I woke up.

I kind of just spit this one out as fast as I could so I hope it makes some sort of sense.
The fear of dying does wake me up quite a bit.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


This dream started out where I was being led to some generals headquarters. I was being led by some classmates in my college(which is weird because I've never been to college) by the time we got there I had no idea how I would even get back. It was so confusing! Anyways we were in the generals quarters when a huge metal ball that was floating in the corner opened up and shot across to one of the people and infecting him into a zombie like creature. Of course like most zombie films the creature moved incredibly slow.
I freaked out and ran for my life, not knowing where I was going. The place I was in reminded me of a mental ward but it was all part of the same building where I went to school and it was part of a military base. Needless to say it was a big place. Things carried on and went back to normal untill I was looking down into a courtyard and saw about 50 people that were being infected simply by breathing on a person it would become a Zombie.
So I ran. Later I was trying to walk up steps. When this student kept crawling behind me hitting my shoes and spitting at my feet, while I was trying to walk up the winding staircase that seemed to never end. I kept yelling at him and kept trying to kick him in the face but nothing would stop this guy from trying to antagonize me! Finally I told someone in charge and I was put into a part of the building that was vacant but there were beds lined up almost like it was a hospital. Fearing for my life because there were zombies out there somewhere. A lady in a nurses outfit came to me with food. I tried to tell her of zombies and that I needed to know a way out just in case. She told there were stairs up the hall but insisted there was nothing for me to worry about.
Shortly after I was being asked questions by an attractive brunette who seemed to be like my lawyer the way she was asking questions. I told her there were other people in the school who may be able to help the committee understand better than I could. She said since I was a water specialist (though she didn't say water specialist she said some long word that started with an "M" but meant water specialist in my dream) and that they asked for me in particular. By the end of our conversation the woman seemed to believe me! But as soon as the committee arrived she was no where to be found.
I tried to convince them but of course they didn't believe me. I tried to tell them that in the generals headquarters was a metal sphere infecting everyone. The main guy who was of course skeptical of the whole story said "I would of heard from the general about this by now".
I said "For all we know the general is infected as well".
That is how the dream pretty much ended. It was very hard to explain certain parts of the dream but I did my best.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gay Pride

I was at someones wedding reception and the thing I remember most is 10-15 women ranging anywhere from 18 to 35 years of age. Stand up in front of everyone and proclaim they're gay pride! While everyone was clapping I was thinking, there goes more potential women I'll never have a chance to be with...