Monday, December 10, 2007

I had a dream with a girl I'd rather not mention...
Funny how dreams can be?
Anyways the dream went as far as controlling a woman's temper, just by the simply touching her skin.
In my Dream...She was not like any other woman though, this only happened to her when she got upset.!?
Her veins would turn black with rage!

Her skin, if she was not touched... it would turn quickly black as well.

But I was the only one that was able to calm her down?

After a few times, she knew what I was doing and was immune to my touch somehow?
When I couldn't calm her with my touch, someone else stood up and their touch calmed her down and I realised she wasn't the one for me at that point?

She never was...

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Sister Cathy said...

Very deep, and I like the use of the question marks and how you choose to view this dream in the end