Tuesday, January 30, 2007

War Dreams

I'm trapped in my house. Windows boarded, doors barricaded and the Nazi's are outside trying to get in. The weird thing is that I've got a BB gun, that I'm sniping guys off with. Which was working in this dream.
A lot of my family and friends are inside with me. So I'm scared for my life and theirs. Somehow I end up sniping all the enemy that are around the house and we form alliances, to defend ourselves from the enemy.
There's a tree line where we set up and it's nighttime all of the sudden, where a field stretches and somehow we know they are coming from that direction. Now instead of a BB gun, I have a hand gun at my waist, and a machine gun someone gave me.
The moon shined down to give some light.
Finally the enemy approached although they don't look German at all now? They look like everyday ordinary people, except that they want to kill us. Running at us with intent to kill, that there was no doubt.
At first we're doing well. Except now we are too scattered, people ran ahead while I held my position. I'm killing the enemy left and right as they run at me defending myself. When suddenly I shot someone I knew. They were retreating from the enemy.
My heart sank.
I had killed one of my best friends...
We ended up winning not too long after, but the loss of a friend was still traumatic even in my dreams.
Above is the most recent recollection of this dream.
This particular dream is a recurring dream.
So It sometimes varies but there are very similar circumstances every time.

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