Sunday, February 11, 2007

The killer

I remember only part of this dream. The ending.
My dad and I are on a bridge somewhere and for some reason a guy is after us. He's a big guy, with a long goatee with some gray in it and long nasty hair. I see that he caught up with my dad and they were fighting so I go over to attack the guy. Right before I get to him he knocked down my dad and picked up an ax. As soon as I get there he swings at a downward motion chopping into my right shoulder. As I scream in pain my dad got back up and was fighting with the huge guy again. Somehow I pulled the ax out of my shoulder and approached the two. Just at the right moment, my dad was clear of him and I jumped in the air at the big nasty guy. With the ax in my left hand I chop him in the top of his skull. He went down to his knees as his eyes went crossed and fell over. We both sighed in relief and the dream was over.
Pretty weird and very vivid.