Friday, October 26, 2007


Two things stuck out in this dream I had the other night. The first thing was my bosses boss told me he was going to promote me and that I was long overdue. I was happy to hear that. Then I found myself on a first date with the girl Elliot from the show "Scrubs"?
I can't even remember what we were doing for the first date, but she abruptly kissed me and we fell backward onto a girl behind me. I felt like I was on the show! Because we just laughed as we appollogized to the girl.
The weird thing is that Elliot (in the show) does not have the most attractive quailitys for me. She would most definitely annoy me to no end. But she made it into my dream so I guess I may be somewhat attracted to her.
Otherwise, why would I dream about going on a date with her.

I'm addicted to the show Scrubs...

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