Tuesday, April 10, 2007

(Not Pauly's)
First dream to be on my blog, that isn't one of my dreams?

Whenn's Dream...
I dreamt that I was coming out of church with another person, who's face I can't seem to recall.
I kept on telling this person, that we need to walk up the path to go fetch my daughter. The other person kept on telling me that I don't have a daughter. But, I kept on insisting, and we walked up a path lined by berry bushes.

In the dream, I didn't look like I look now. I seem older, late thirties?
My hair is Auburn, not Black, and all the way down to my Elbow.
So we turn a corner on the path, and there stands the most beautiful little girl I have seen in a long time.
She's got golden blond hair, very long and curly, with the deepest blue eyes.

I was just about to reach out to her and pick her up...
That's when I woke up?

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newnorth said...

wow, that's an interesting one!