Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm walking down a street, but the difference is it's like an off ramp but flat above the other streets. It was one lane and there was stone walls to the left and to the right. They were higher than usual? Just over my height so I couldn't see over them except for the sky. I somehow knew it was a bad area though. By all the trash and graffiti. But it was a shortcut.
No cars used this street in years probably. Or so it appeared.
I looked behind me but I couldn't see past the curve and ahead the same way about a hundred yards there was another curve. I look behind me again to see one guy walking behind me. Instantly I was suspicious. Then there were three suspicious men walking together. They were gaining on me.
Then I noticed all three had weapons. At first I walked normal but once I thought they may have bad intent I started to run. As I looked back running they also were running after me. Suddenly they were within feet of me as I pleaded with them to stop. That it wasn't worth it while still running.
They said nothing???
One had a bat, the other two a knife and brass knuckles.
Just when I thought they would get me they stopped.
Standing, and staring at me.
I also stopped and two of them started walking back the other way. The one that was left walked up to me without a word gave me the bat he was holding and slowly started walking behind the others.

I guess I convinced them not to rob and kill me.
I woke up relieved to say the least!


newnorth said...

wow, intense dream!

Arlene said...

Interesting to know.