Monday, February 15, 2010

Killer Dog

This German Shepherd was being skinned alive with a weird chain mechanism attached to each side of its head which began to spin. Chains on each side that ended with hooks attached to the poor dogs flesh. Slowly pulling back in a way I have never seen. I could see from the front as the dog was ripped from it's fur. I have no idea why this was happening but one of the culprits got in the way as the dog was free from the skinning process. Unleashing it's furry on this man by grabbing him by the throat and then began shaking wildly. Killing him as he screamed... I felt like he deserved it though being one of the people who set it all up this way. I was a little frightened by the dog because of what had happened to it.
That was just part of the dream, and that also makes little sense.
There was a lot more to the dream I wish I could remember it all because the dog thing had little to do with the rest of the dream.
There was also things to do with schools and problem solving a matter with a trailer with a confusing way to unlock something? I cannot explain...
One thing I've learned is that if I do not type it out as soon as it happens in my dreams I will most likely forget them.

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