Saturday, December 27, 2008

X girlfriends

Dreams of X-girlfriends are sometimes the worse. I have dreams about everyone of them and it's not much fun.
Friends,family and people I don't even know are at this party having a great time. But I'am not because my girlfriend decides shes going to sleep without me. Not sleep with someone else, just go to sleep by herself and I'm not invited to go to sleep with her. Turns out she doesn't go to sleep at all but is dressed in sleepware, red stretch pants and a white shirt looking good and making me jealous. She was talking with different people amongst the party but it really got on my nerves because she wanted to go to sleep so bad but instead she stays up to ignore me and have fun without me.
One of my sisters came up to me and I told them I wasn't having much fun. She agreed with me.
Thats when I was done with it. I went out the front door it was dark but there was a street light and I started walking to the right when I noticed I was walking towards the house I grew up in untill I was a teenager.
The house I came out of was Traceys about seven houses down across the street. But I never dated Tracy. It was weird.

I'm sure my X-girlfriends would be pleased to hear I still dream about them?

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