Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Like the "Fugitive"

I'm the bad guy in this one. Or at least I'm wanted by the police for something I didn't do of course.
I was trying to convince the cop I was innocent, ending without much sway.
It seemed like it was right out of the movie "Fugitive" if you've ever seen that movie?
Anyway, instead of a bus it was a subway train we were in. But we were outdoors and we were derailed. Unfortunately we were still in the way of the locomotive that was coming at us. I took that as my chance to barely escape.
Unlike the movie though, I didn't save the guy who needed to be saved.
I narrowly got out between two of the subway cars and ran for my life.
Not ever looking back.

A very small part of my dream but thats all I can remember.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chris Osgood

The only thing I can remember about this particular dream is that Chris Osgood The Detroit Red Wings Goalie was in it. But when he took off his goalie mask, the back of his head had another face sunken in on his left side. A mutated gross looking face that was looking at me. Everyone acted like it had always been there.

I thought it was a very odd dream, considering I have never met Chris Osgood?